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Hängende Bücher


Funke, A./ Pukajlo, A./ Woitzik, M./ Sulzer, B.: The Values Workshop. A practical handbook for preventing radicalization at the interface between school and youth welfare. Publisher: casablanca gGmbH


Blog entry "AG Ethnological Education": Ethnological knowledge and the sustainable development goals - interdisciplinary knowledge transfer using the example of the project "Future. Global. Think. Bind the SDGs fairly!”

2 018

Burkhart, J./ Löhr, S./ Sulzer, B.: FUTURE. GLOBAL. THINK. SDGS FAIR BIND! - A project to convey the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) from an intercultural perspective. Project brochure, ed.: ESE eV

2 018
Löhr, S./ Sulzer, B.: The possible contribution of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and fair trade to combating the causes of displacement". In: Bussmann, C./ Bertels, U. (eds.): New Neighbors – The World in Motion. Flight and migration from different perspectives, Counterimages series, Münster: Waxmann-Verlag, pp. 85-94.  


Sulzer, B.: “Somos migrantes en nuestro propio país” – Identity-Expressions of Indigenous Migrants in Mexico City (2008-2009). In: Ebert, A./ Köhler, R. (eds.): Las Agencias de lo Indígena en la larga Era de Globalización. Microperspectivas de su production y representación desde la época colonial temprana hasta el presente. Berlin: Gebr. Mann Verlag, pp. 147-165.

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