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Due to the current situation, the coaching sessions are currently only taking place online

DevelopMind         "Developing new ways of thinking together"

What is systemic coaching?

We often notice that something in our system is not running smoothly - be it in the relationship with others or in the relationship with ourselves.  

Clarity about what we want  and what is important to us can help to develop new perspectives on ourselves and our environment. This enables us to regain our strength , release inner resources and face challenges with more ease .

In coaching I accompany you in your very personal process:  Together we think outside the box and focus on the solution , not the problem.

When can coaching be helpful?

  • Do you live abroad or have you moved to Germany from another country ?  here  You can find more information about culturally sensitive coaching

  • Are you looking for more clarity in a decision  or in a change process ?

  • Are you looking for orientation and want to find out what is important to you in your life ?

  • Would you like to discover and strengthen your self-confidence , your resources and skills ?

  • Would you like to learn how to manage your stress better and go through life more relaxed ?

  • Would you like to be accompanied during the transition to a new phase of life?

  • You have conflicts with others or with yourself that you like  want to solve ?

  • Are you dissatisfied in your job ?

  • You suffer from one  IBD (Crohn's disease/ulcerative colitis) and would like to learn how to deal with it better in everyday life?

Systemisches Coaching
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